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A second generation social media site using state of the art software and hardware, designed for a more civil online community. FreeThought City is an ambitious attempt to provide something better than current social media platforms. It takes advantage of the technological developments that have occurred since the launch of first generation social media sites. Initially, we intend to target those who are already in the demographic of well-educated, skeptical, rational thinkers, but, once we have established a core clientele, we hope those values will extend to our friends in the wider community. Citizens will be able to spend time with friends they already know, or meet new people in our virtual venues with close to real life experiences. FreeThought City is a private walled city. All citizens are Verified. Special events will be staged, such as exhibitions of artwork in the gallery, with images that could be purchased from the creators. There will always be something going on - it's a vibrant city!

FreeThought City™ is a home for freethinkers. A next-level online community and fully featured experience. Create customized profiles and spaces. FTC is gamified and full of content. Live your legacy at FreeThought.City™.

Our motto is Respect citizens: Challenge Ideas. 

 FreeThought City™ is a virtual community portal; a haven for rational citizens to call home. The mission of FreeThought City™ is to provide a platform for the wider intellectual community. 
Registration comes with a free profile. Everyone is required to process $1/ per year in order to confirm citizens real world identity, however they may use a nickname while inside the City. All citizens can earn or buy a leasehold/title to own a property. Real world monies are exchanged for FreeThought City™ "Senses" to spend on property taxes, premier events, or to buy digital products. A social credit will be maintained by the citizens in a ‘reputation rating’ account. Higher ratings and activity will grant access to more City features and discounts on purchases. FreeThought City is also "gamified". Citizens can earn or lose Points based on their activity, and can gain achievement badges to display in their profiles and on the TownHall leaderboard.

The system is designed to incentivise users by putting value on both their financial and social accounts, and incentivising activiy by earning Point. . A user could become wealthy with "virtual estate" on the website, but be a social parah and have no access around the City, while a social achiever could peak in popularity while owning little-to-no digital assets. There is a Code of Conduct under The Rules that is agreed upon registration. Code of Conduct will initially be ratified by the Freethought Founders and then maintained by the current governance and voted on by the citizens. Breaking the Code of Conduct or general inappropriate behaviour will lower a members social credit.
The City is sectioned into eight Zones with citizens building their respective spaces within each zone. The zones are: Governmental, Residential, Community, Family, Academic, Activism, Business, and finally a Legacy/Heritage area.

The vision of FreeThought City™ is to inform, entertain, educate and unify.

Our demographic is the "intelligentsia". Yes, it's a cheap word, but it best describes the core user base. Initially we will promote the City through Linked-In, Academic Societies, University Student sites, and the like.  Citizens will be able to invite their friends and we anticipate that the tone of the site will be set by the initial demographic and will continue as the citizenship spreads to the wider population.

Providing a virtual home in a virtual city with entertaining events and engaging learning, will give citizens a reason to revisit, to hang out with old friends and to meet new citizens.
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