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FreeThought City™ is a virtual city. Residents own spaces and live and work within the digital city. Vibrant shows and weekly events are great for meeting old friends and new people. Come add your profile, engage in new worlds, and build a legacy.

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About FreeThought City™

A second generation social media site using state of the art software and hardware, designed for a more civil online community. FreeThought City is an ambitious attempt to provide something better than current social media platforms. It takes advantage of the technological developments that have occurred since the launch of first generation social media sites. Initially, we intend to target those who are already in the demographic of well-educated, skeptical, rational thinkers, but, once we have established a core clientele, we hope those values will extend to our friends in the wider community. Citizens will be able to spend time with friends they already know, or meet new people in our virtual venues with close to real life experiences. FreeThought City is a private walled city. All citizens are Verified. Special events will be staged, such as exhibitions of artwork in the gallery, with images that could be purchased from the creators. There will always be something going on - it's a vibrant city!

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